About Marsea Marquis

Founder / Artistic Director

Marsea Marquis is a vibrant instructor with 25 years of experience in dance and music; studying and performing with native masters from Brazil, Haiti, Cuba, Trinidad, West and South Africa. She founded Dance of Brazil in Santa Cruz in 1995 and has been an instructor of ongoing weekly, Brazilian dance classes locally and nationally since that time. Additionally she has been an Instructor/Performance Artist (’90-’97) in the Spectra Program, a Santa Cruz City Schools based arts program supported by the Cultural Council of Santa Cruz county.

She is also the founder and director of “Tropicalismo~Latin Dance Cabaret” a performance company specializing in dances from Brazil, Cuba and Trinidad.

Marsea’s work has been honored by the Calabash Awards for Excellence in the Ethnic Arts in ’96 and ’02, produced by the S.C.E.A.N., Santa Cruz Ethnic Arts Network.

Her passion for dance and culture takes her to participate in such events as Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, where she joined and paraded with Mangueira, the oldest samba school in Brazil. As part of her dedication to the study of cultural dance, Marsea travels to Brazil for intensive study to keep current with the movement. As an avid salsa/folklorico dancer, she also travels frequently to Cuba to study and dance and music.

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