marcello chocolatt

Learn & Dance Samba no Pé with one of the best Dance Teachers from Rio de Janeiro: Marcelo Chocolatt!

All-Levels Workshop
Thursday, September 1 from 6-7:30 pm
$18 (cash, to be paid at the start of the Workshop)

About Marcelo Chocolatt: Choreographer, Instructor, Dancer

Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Mr. Marcelo Chocolatt began his dance training in 1987. There after he danced with the Carlinhos de Jesus Company for over six years. He has also danced with many well know people such as Valeria Valença, Tania Alves, Group Raca Negra, Paulinho da Viola, Elza Soares, Emilio Santiago, Jair Rodrigues, Luciana Mello, Zeca Pagodinho, Dudu Nobre, Mart’Nalia, and the group Só Pra Contrariar.

He has participated in several soap operas and TV shows. He is the choreographer and main dancer for the Brazilan icon singer singer Alcione. He was the lead dancer for Claudio Segovia’s Show “Brasil Brasileiro” which toured to several European Countries (2005 and 2013). He was the choreographer and dancer of the Brazilian “Dancing with the Stars” show for 4 consecutive seasons. He was the choreographer of the Samba School Mangueira in 2013 and is currently the choreographer of the Samba School Parque de Curicica.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from one of Rio’s finest dance teachers!